Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Focusing on the Numbers.

When our real estate market was at its weakest (let’s call that the bottom), I remember people asking me if we were in a Buyer’s market. I ‘d tell them we would be, if there were any Buyers! Well guess, what? There are Buyers out there today.
In fact, the Sarasota Association of Realtors just released the following information:
December 2007 sales were UP 22.7% over November 2007 sales
Overall sales in 2007 were down only 5.8% compared to 2006; last year was still the 7th highest sales year ever, with 6113 homes and 2,166 condominiums sold (of note, condominiums sales were actually up last year over 2006).
2007 was the fifth highest year on record for sales in Sarasota County

Declining interest rates are drawing Buyers back into the market. Once again rates are near historical lows, and mortgages are plentiful and obtainable here in Sarasota County.
I am personally seeing the New Year start out with much activity. My listings are being shown often, we are getting offers (some good, some not), and I am working with Buyers who are making value purchases.
The numbers look good for 2008.

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