Monday, February 2, 2009

How’s the market?

Whenever I see people, whether in a profession or social setting, the first thing they ask me (after they ask about our family) is "how is the real estate market?" This is certainly to be expected, given all the attention which the real estate market is being given by the local media.

There are many ways to answer the question, so here are a few:

  1. It is a Buyer's market, and there are Buyers willing to buy. They still love the Sarasota area, and they want a good value when they purchase.
  2. Showings are typical for early season. We usually have many "lookers" in January, which turn into Buyers in February, March and April. We will really understand the strength of the market after these months have passed.
  3. Buyers are looking toward real estate as a tangible asset which they can enjoy. The real estate investor has not been seen for months.
  4. International buyers are largely on the sidelines. Again, we will have to see if they show up during the high season months to make purchases.

Since the proof is in the actual numbers, look below to see how we are doing so far. These numbers are sales which have occurred in the past 30 days, the first of 2009. At this time. Longboat Key is leading the pack!

Longboat Key         12 sales    32 pending sales

Bird Key        2 sales        3 pending sales

Lido Key        3 sales        5 pending sales

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