Monday, February 16, 2009

The Train is Leaving…

Here we are in the beginning of our winter season in Sarasota. We've had our chilly spell in late January, and now the beautiful weather is upon us. Our cultural season is in high gear, with events like Town Hall (with Madeline Albright, Newt Gingrich and Michael Gorbachev), the opening of the Opera and the celebration of the Asolo's 50th year anniversary. Restaurants are full and reservations are a must.

We expect all these things in February. We also expect a busy real estate market, and guess what? It is busy! If you are one of those Buyers on the sidelines, thinking that we are in a stagnant market and gloomy times are ahead of us, you need to know that properties are selling. You need only look at the Sarasota Multiple Listing Service to see that there are currently 37 pending (under contract) properties on Longboat Key, 6 on Bird Key and 6 on Lido Key. In the past week I have sold 4 properties myself!

We live in a relatively small community which offers an exceptional lifestyle. Buyers want to live here and will purchase when they perceive that they are getting a value.

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